The Season 2 trailer shown off at SDCC featured so many new things from a wide variety of future episodes! We see that Pacifica will be in The Golf War and it looks like animatronic puppets will be the antagonists.

We also see Soos and an anime character from a game. Possibly becoming real similar to Rumble. Stan being grabbed by some kind of realistic hand of something that’s become unchained. Could be the same episode as Soos and the girl.

There’s also a puppet show, perhaps a musical. A sock opera, if you will. We see many sock puppets of the crew wailing around. Next is Lady Susan being approached by members of what is assumed to be the Blind Eye society. The robes look similar to promotional material.And finally, Blendin Blandin makes his triumphant return and hopes to crush the twins after what they did to him.

There was quite a bit more, like Bill’s return as well! This season is going to keep you on the edge of your seat! Remember to tune in next week for the premiere of Scaryoke!

Season 2 of Gravity Falls so far is looking better than the first thanks to this trailer.